Engineering with over 15 years experience in the international market, shares its knowledge to accompany you on the search for new markets and / or value-added finished products.

Today the BRT Group is present in Europe, Morocco (Tanger), Algeria and Latin America (Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, etc)

Access to a wider market, improve the image, obtain greater profits, diversify risks and reducing costs are just some of the reasons why companies start exporting.


Internationalization is a leap into the complexity that requires information, professionalism, experience, knowledge and innovation. The BRT Group, thanks to the extensive experience of its team, has the BRT Export division born with the vocation of accompany companies in their internationalization, providing synergies and value to the export activity. Even BRT Export collaborates with its clients in seeking to import finished products.


BRT Export was created to help its customers in all matters relating to export and import.

Latin America and Algeria

Algeria is another concrete destination where considers that it is interesting to invest efforts and resources to plan commercial actions to take.

BRT Export has staff that speaks fluent English, Spanish, French and Arabic.

BRT Export aims to help companies to implement a plan of international promotion. This program provides the support necessary to achieve the first international sales in Latin America.

BRT Export proposes Latin America as a very attractive destination for both the import of finished products as for export their products.


BRT Export apart of helping the internationalization of companies, specializes in advising clients looking to other markets finished products. BRT engineers are responsible for ensuring that the material purchased complies with all safety regulations and quality requirements previously set by customers.

Wide variety of products



LED lights


Glasses and scooters

Generating Sets

Vending machines


BRT Export may obtain your desired product with the speed and maximum guarantees

Consult us without obligation

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