Design and manufacture of blow molds and plastic injection, ensuring and certifying the quality of our steels.

Currently the BRT Group is present in Europe, Morocco (Tanger), Algeria and Latin America (Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, etc)

BRT Mould, mold technical department of BRT group has applied the technology and experience that has its engineering to offer its customers quality molds with unbeatable value for money. Designed in its technical office in Barcelona (Spain) and built in their associated workshops Portugal, China and / or Spain, the BRT molds satisfy the most demanding sectors; automotive, appliances, packaging, PVC fittings, etc.


The BRT group supported by various production centers can manage complex projects consisting of a large number of molds dividing production between their associated workshops. In this way you can get reasonable prices and delivery deadlines impossible to obtain with other system. The advantage for the customer to have a single interlocutor that coordinates the whole project. This allows to obtain molds of up to 80 tons in a really tight deadline, with agreed quality and the best prices in the market.


BRT is not a commercial, BRT is a specialized engineering where its added value is to advise the customer to build quality molds at competitive prices without penalizing production cycles or durability of steels.


BRT Mould offers a wide variety of PET molds to manufacture all kinds of preforms.


With extensive experience in the sector, BRT engineers offer customers quality advice to make molds that fit their real needs.


BRT Mould is specialized in designing preforms for bottled water, CSD, food oils, etc.


We have molds for making wide-mouth preform

Gate valve injection system for optimum production

How many preforms you want to produce? With what design and what weight?

Regardless of the requirements, we produce the perfect mold for your project.


BRT Mould, offers a wide selection of caps molds to meet the requirements set by the different markets.

Mineral waters.


Dairy products.

Carbonated beverages.

Vegetable and minerals oils.

Cleaning products.

One point to consider in the design and manufacture of molds of caps is the durability and a good performance to be met the mold to achieve high productions, normally required for this type of molds. That is why the BRT molds offer the following features:

Hot runner with fully balanced branches.

Stainless steel racks and figures corrosion resistant steels.

Moving parts to antiwear surface treatment.

Built expulsion balanced by hydraulic cylinders.

Refrigeration balanced with minimal number of connectors.

Spare parts included in the mold and completely interchangeable.

We help you to redesign your product to stand out from the competition with our professional 3D printers

Wide variety of designs: Flip Top, Disc Top, PC028, screw caps or pressure, etc.


BRT Mould, with its wide experience in the design and manufacture of molds for PVC ensures customers an unbeatable value.


BRT PVC molds have  a long service life because they are manufactured using high quality steels. BRT engineers use stainless steel DIN 1.2316 or DIN 1.2083 for the manufacture of such molds. For the type of material that transform these molds it is essential to have a minimum standard of quality.


This type of injection molds must have a higher level of preventive maintenance. BRT engineers deliver customers a dossier detailing the actions of daily,  weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance to be carried out on the BRT molds for rigid PVC.


Why trust our molds?

The steel used in the BRT molds for PVC is resistant to corrosive attack from water, water vapor, weak organic acids, dilute solutions of nitrates, carbonates and other salts.


BRT molds have good corrosion resistance even if they work and are stored in damp places, and although they are used for molding corrosive plastics under normal production.


Corrosion resistance / stains, that is, for molding corrosive materials, for example PVC, acetates, and for molds exposed to working conditions / damp storage.


Wear resistance, ie for molding abrasive materials with fillers, including injection molded thermosetting materials. Likewise, for molds with exceptionally long series production.



BRT molds for PVC having a hardness between 45-52 HRC


The professionals who form the BRT engineering have broad experience in the design and manufacture of molds for buckets.


BRT Mould buckets designs available for all sectors. From feeding going through lubricants and oils. BRT engineers have made designs up to 200l buckets.


High quality molds at competitive prices

BRT will achieve that your product differs from its competitors

BRT Mould guide its customers in designing their buckets to achieve containers leak free, with minimal weight and ensuring their resistance to falls. BRT engineers work closely with customers on the piece design and the development of the mold.


Before beginning mold manufacturing customers can apply BRT engineers the preliminary draft to review it and make inquiries, changes or improvements as appropriate. Always with the technical advice of the engineers at BRT Mould.


IML Robots adapted to our molds at unbeatable cycles


Another area where the BRT Mould department demonstrates its potential is in the manufacture of molds boxes. BRT has a range of boxes with interchangeable inserts to offer customers the ability to manufacture more than one box model in a single mold .


BRT Mould  has the standards of box types for different markets. But the BRT Mould R & D department offers the ability to customize the design of the box to help clients to distance themselves from their competition.


Please contact us to inform all our news


Large size molds for injection of pallets, containers and bumpers


BRT offers to its customers the security that their dies meet the quality requirements and which sectors as demanding as automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, etc. they ask in their products.


Progressive dies are built basically for the production of pieces of small and medium size with the purpose that they are made in the image and likeness of how they would do in two, three or more tools, but in this case grouped in a single block.


In the case of manufacturing by progressive die, the piece always must remain attached to the sheet metal strip until it reaches the last station or step which necessarily must be cut off.


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