BRT aims to offer its customers the machinery that best fits the needs of your product to achieve stand out from your competitors thanks to an innovative and sustainable packaging

Currently the BRT Group is present in Europe, Morocco (Tanger), Algeria and Latin America (Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, etc)

Engineers forming the BRT group began their technical training in the field of plastic injection. The creation of the BRT Pack division comes naturally to respond effectively to the demands of current BRT customers, both from the point of view of the new needs and habits, and to meet the global challenge of minimize feed waste and achieve greater sustainability in the manufacture of packaging.


BRT Pack works to bring its customers the latest innovations; high pressure packaging systems that allow include fewer preservatives, vacuum packs that provide a high protection, and modified atmospheres to prevent the formation of bacteria and not change the color of the products. To achieve this target manufacturers of materials, films, sheets ... and food from the most diverse subsectors such as meat, fruit and vegetables, poultry, etc. collaborate with the BRT engineering together to give customers complete turnkey projects.


Pack BRT has brought together the leading and most diverse actors of all stages that make up the value chain of the packaging, showing that another reality based on innovation also exists.


There are many companies that, from the hand of BRT Pack, are innovating and making innovation the hub of their future development and a sustainable management. Join them, trust BRT Pack.


BRT Pack offers customers a wide variety of specific films for each product with the highest quality and warranty. The flexible production system that works BRT offers the possibility to attend lots of small manufacturing that require exceptional urgency. Give quick response is our brand identity.


Wide variety of films

Cheese and dairy products








Legumes and rice

Animal feed

Dietetics / Bio Ecological


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BRT Pack can provide their clients any material and including customized and decorated.


The BRT Pack division of BRT Group offers a wide range of horizontal packaging machines for the production of doypacks. It has a wide range of complete systems for the production, filling and sealing of doypacks for the food sector, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.

Leading brands to offer the highest quality and reliability

Wide variety of Doypacks

BRT Pack has a wide variety of doypacks to adapt to the needs of its customers. The BRT design department customizes the package to realize the idea of its customers. BRT Pack engineers are involved in the design and final presentation of the product offering added value that is highly valued by its customers because it helps them to get a different end product from its competitors.

Filling systems to adapt to customer needs.

Weight feeders

Dosers for powders

Dosers for grains and granules

Dosers for liquid and pasty

We help to design your product to stand out from your competitors


For sachet or stick BRT Pack offers a wide variety of vertical packaging. Packaging has from 1 line up to 12 filling lines, offering guests the possibility of high production.


BRT Pack offers filling systems for granules, pastes, powders and liquids.



BRT Pack also offers Flow Pack machines for packaging products for both food and non-food market.


We offer a wide variety of solutions to automate the most of your production line.


BRT Pack offers its customers a machine with intuitive processes to optimize the maximum performance.



Discover our Flow pack packaging

Efficiency and reliability

Complete production lines to optimize your plant

Trust us for your turnkey projects









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